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​     For wedding receptions or special events, Ambient Decor Lighting is one of the most popular trends, also know as Up-Lighting or Structural Lighting.  Lighting makes it personal, sets a mood and can create a separate area.​
     Up-Lighting can turn your beautiful wedding site from standard to simply stunning.  By adding a splash of color to accent your room, you and your guests will all look great in the flattering light.

​     Up-Lighting, Monogram Projection, GOBO Patterns, Pin Lights and Star Lighting are just some of the special lighting effects that we have to offer to you.  

​     We are an ECO-FRIENDLY company.  We operate with mostly LED Lights, which uses less electricity and does not get as hot as incandescent light bulbs.  LED lighting can compliment your wedding color schemes beautifully.


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